Showmaster LE

All-in-one show controller

  • Designed for museums, showrooms, stores and attractions
  • Can be used as a subsystem in larger shows and attractions
  • Can generate 3 HTML touch panels

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Showmaster LE is an all-in-one embedded show controller fitted with interfaces for show protocols like DMX, MIDI, Serial, and digital I/O. Control and synchronize your dimmers, lighting desks, video projectors, video servers, sound processors, etc.

Work directly from one timeline for synchronized show programming or use an easy drag-and-drop interface for building up to 3 custom HTML touch screen (WebPanel) interfaces. Showmaster LE supports third party networked Serial, I/O, Infrared, MIDI, and DMX interfaces.


OpenCapXML plugin for Unity

For interactive games or generative media applications, Unity® programmers can access Tasks and Variables in Medialon show control systems using the OpenCapXML plugin for Unity®.

This plugin makes it easy for Unity programmers to link to Medialon Manager and Showmaster projects to trigger tasks, update variable values in the Medialon project, and subscribe to variable value updates from the Medialon project.

With the OpenCapXML plugin for Unity, Medialon control systems become a bridge between the virtual (Unity®) world and the physical world where devices (such as lighting equipment, audio playback, fans, smell generators, heat lamps, water misters, vibration transducers, and video projection/displays) can all work together to tell an interactive story using a built environment, and can even be pre-programmed and debugged before sending to site by mocking it up in the virtual environment.

For more information or to request access to the OpenCapXML plugin for Unity, contact us.

* Please note that while Medialon Manager V7.1 is compatible with Showmaster Pro and Showmaster LE hardware, only more recent models have the required motherboard in them. The upgrade is a paid upgrade that requires additional hardware to be installed. Eligible Showmasters can be sent to 7thSense to be upgraded, but the upgrade is not something which can be performed by end users or systems integrators. Please contact our sales team at for more information and to enquire about compatibility of your Showmaster hardware with Medialon Manager 7.1.



Product Specifications

Power connection

1 × 12 V DC power connector. Power adapter has IEC connection and is rated for 100-240 V AC.


2 × 10/100/1000 base-T

Serial ports

2 × RS-232 DB9 male serial ports

Digital input

4 × terminal block digital input connectors (dry contact, max. impedance 10 kΩ)

Digital output

4 × terminal block relay connectors (24 V 1 A max.)

DMX output

1 × DMX output (5-pin female XLR)

MIDI input

1 × MIDI input DIN5 female

MIDI output

1 × MIDI output DIN5 female


1U rack 476 (W) × 44.5 (H) × 260 (D) mm (18.75” × 1.75” × 10.25”)


10 kg (23 lbs.)

Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Downloads & Support

Drivers, Manuals & Users Guides

Technical Specification Sheet

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  • Language: English

Medialon EULA and Warranty

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Medialon Safety Manual

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  • Language: English

Medialon Showmaster Hardware Manual

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  • Language: English

Medialon Control Systems Manual

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