About Us

Medialon, by 7thSense, provides show control solutions for the control, supervision and monitoring of lighting, audio, video and special effects for museums, attractions and theme parks worldwide.

In June 2019, the Medialon brand was purchased from Barco by the owners of 7thSense Design Limited. We’re very pleased to announce that as part of our integration strategy, effective 1st October 2020, Medialon has fully merged with 7thSense.

We are now proud to be one.

Since the acquisition, the Medialon team has grown and all staff will now join the 7thSense team and continue to work on the development of the Medialon product line.

Both Medialon and 7thSense are well known for their commitment to the support of products and users. By combining our teams, we will continue to build on that reputation.

We are keen to share functionality between product lines, where beneficial to do so, but we also recognize the need for the products to stand on their own and be agnostic of each other. 

We fully intend to continue to offer this level of flexibility, and ensure that your needs are met by our product range.

All Medialon products are now added to the 7thSense product portfolio. The Medialon product names remain the same.

What does this mean for customers?

  • Future quotes and invoices for Medialon products will come from 7thSense.
  • Future payments for Medialon products should be made to 7thSense, updated bank details will be provided with invoices to customers.
  • All existing warranties will be supported by 7thSense.
  • Any open product support queries etc. will continue to be supported by your existing Medialon contacts.
  • We will continue to develop Medialon product lines to meet customer and market needs as we always have.
  • To ensure our product lines continue to meet the needs of our customers, we have appointed Eric Cantrell to the position of Director of Products for 7thSense. He will also maintain Product Manager responsibility for the Medialon product range.
  • Your existing Medialon contact will still be reachable via their @medialon.com email address – this will be routed to their new email address extension of @7thsensedesign.com