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Control, supervision and monitoring of lighting, audio,
video and special effects for museums, attractions and theme parks.

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Medialon products

  • Medialon Manager V7 Pro
  • Marquee®
  • Showmaster Pro
  • Showmaster Go
  • Showmaster LE
  • medialon showmaster mini Showmaster Mini
  • 7thSense Medialon MAS Pro Dante DH-front-reflected MAS Pro Dante

Medialon Manager V7 Pro

Medialon Manager V7 Pro

Software that turns any PC into a show controller. V7 release now available.

  • Remarkably easy to program
  • Excellent reliability
  • Control any audiovisual equipment using any protocol
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Dynamic GUI Builder for installations that use Medialon Show Control Solutions

  • Create, design, and deploy modern show control user interfaces
  • Includes a library of pre-styled UI elements
  • Free software application that extends the functionality of existing Medialon Manager V6 and Showmaster V2 systems
  • Designed for users to quickly and intuitively build custom interfaces without any programming expertise
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Showmaster Pro

Showmaster Pro

Show controller for complex shows and attractions

  • For medium to large show control applications
  • Supports a large number of controlled devices
  • Can be used as a subsystem for larger shows or attractions
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Showmaster Go

Showmaster Go

Ruggedised Show Control and Audio Playback

  • Multiple Timeline Show Control
  • 16+ channels of Dante output
  • 3 × opto-isolated GPIO
  • Unlimited polyphonic playback mixing
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Showmaster LE

Showmaster LE

All-in-one show controller

  • Designed for museums, showrooms, stores and attractions
  • Can be used as a subsystem in larger shows and attractions
  • Can generate 3 HTML touch panels
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medialon showmaster mini Showmaster Mini

Showmaster Mini

Ruggedized Embedded Show Control

  • Designed for simple museum AV control applications
  • Controls 20 devices (expandable up to 50 devices)
  • Easily build AV automation, including time of day scheduling
  • One universe of Art-Net or sACN lighting control
  • Serves one WebPanel user interface to any device with a web browser
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medialon showmaster mini

7thSense Medialon MAS Pro Dante DH-front-reflected MAS Pro Dante

MAS Pro Dante

Reliable multitrack audio server

  • State-of-the-art audio quality
  • Centralised playback and control
  • For live entertainment, attractions, museums and showrooms
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7thSense Medialon MAS Pro Dante DH-front-reflected