7thSense Adds Support of Beckhoff PLCs to Medialon Show Control Range

30th January 2024

7thSense Adds Support of Beckhoff PLCs to Medialon Show Control Range

7thSense has released an update to their industry-leading Medialon Manager show control software which includes support for interfacing with Beckhoff PLCs using the Automation Device Specification (ADS) protocol.  

Beckhoff programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and industrial automation technologies are used widely in theme park attractions, nighttime spectaculars, parade floats, and stage shows. The new integration allows data to flow between the PLCs and Medialon Manager show control software in a seamless, secure way, enabling complex motion control systems, fountain pumps, pyrotechnic effects, and stage automation systems to be fully safety compliant while also allowing synchronisation between these elements and the audiovisual and lighting equipment managed by the show control system.  

Status information from the PLCs can also be incorporated into the Medialon show control system for automation, user interface displays, or operator notifications.  

Johan Wadsten, Product Manager for the Medialon show control range at 7thSense commented, “sophisticated shows using PLCs for safety or for stage automation, pyrotechnics, motion control, and fountain control have historically relied on dated technologies to interface with show control systems. The ADS protocol provides a secure, modern interface to the entire TwinCAT range of PLCs and accessories Beckhoff manufactures.”