7thSense Merges with Medialon

29th October 2020

medialon 7thsense

7thSense has announced the completion of its merger with Medialon.

In June 2019, the team behind 7thSense acquired the Medialon brand and ShowControl activities from Barco to form Medialon Limited. Since then, the Medialon team and product line has expanded from offices in North America, Canada and the United Kingdom. 

As part of the integration strategy, which became effective on October 1st 2020, all Medialon products have been added to the 7thSense product portfolio, and Medialon product names remain the same.

All Medialon staff will now join the 7thSense team and continue to work on the development of the Medialon product line.

Matt Barton, 7thSense CEO, comments, “The synergies between Medialon and 7thSense have been demonstrated since the 2019 acquisition – this merger is intended to cross pollinate the knowledge and skills of both companies, while maintaining independence and flexibility of each of the product lines which will continue to be developed, and will continue to remain agnostic of each other. 

“Both Medialon and 7thSense are well known for their commitment to the support of products and users. By combining our teams, we will continue to build on that reputation. We are now proud to be one.”

As part of the merger, Eric Cantrell has moved from the position of VP Business Operations, Medialon, to the position of Director of Products, 7thSense. He will also maintain Product Manager responsibility for the Medialon product range in his new role.

Speaking about the change, Eric Cantrell notes, “We are keen to share functionality between product lines, where beneficial to do so, but we also recognise the need for the products to stand on their own and be agnostic of each other We fully intend to continue to offer this level of flexibility, and ensure that customer needs are met by our product range. This is a hugely exciting time for both companies as we join forces and become one family!”